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Fox Valley Argo Sales of Wisconsin

Welcome to Fox Valley Argo Sales, located just outside of Berlin, Wisconsin. We offer a large selection of both new and used Argo models. Tired of getting stuck in a bad spot with that old, tired, four-wheeler? Need to get your crew to a challenging location? No problem! An Argo can go to places that no other machine can get to. Contact us today to get a free quote for the model of your choice.

Fox Valley Argo Sales Facility

An Argo makes an excellent hunting machine

Fox Valley Argo Sales is a brand new Argo dealership located near Berlin, Wisconsin. We have a 265 acre Argo testing facility here, which is one of the largest in the nation. Our course offers all types of challenging terrain. From rocky inclines, to ponds, to marsh and heavy swampland; we have it all to offer. Below is a map and directions to our facility. Contact us today to set up an appointment and get a free Argo quote.

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Argo Models at Fox Valley Argo Sales

Argo 750 HDi camo

Argo produces and extensive line of rugged, durable, and dependable amphibious vehicles. At Fox Valley Argo Sales we deal in both new and used Argo models. Best of all, if it isn't in stock, we can get it for you; and make sure it comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you desire. Check out our Argo models page to find out what Fox Valley Argo Sales can do for you!

Argo Accessories at Fox Valley Argo Sales

Covered 700 HD Argo

We also offer a number of Argo accessories to "build" your unit to your exact needs. From specialized tracks, to racks, and roll cages; we have the tools for your Argo. Want a covered vehicle? We got that! Tired of shoveling snow? Argo can utilize and optional plow, making snow removal quick, painless, and just plain enjoyable. Check out the Argo accessories page to find out just what types of accessories are available for the Argo of your choice.

Argo Capabilities and Uses

An Argo is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. No terrain can stop an Argo from getting you and your gear to the destination of your choice. From mud to snow to standing water, the Argo takes on all challenges. It is the ultimate tool for backwoods rescues, remote construction projects, and distant hunting trips. Check out the Argo capabilities page, to find out how a new Argo from Fox Valley Argo Sales can do for you!

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